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CHARACTER NAME: Wendy Corduroy


Backtagging: Always and forever
Threadhopping: Sure
Fourthwalling: Please ask first
Offensive subjects (elaborate): She is a teenager. Please keep this in mind. Otherwise, the player will deal with most things but rape.


Hugging this character: Sure, if she knows you
Kissing this character: If it fits the moment, knows the character.
Flirting with this character: Sure, try it.
Fighting with this character: Oh definitely, she's pretty good. Takes down unicorns
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Minor injuries good, discuss anything else
Killing this character: Only with plotting
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Sure, but she won't like it

Warnings: In the end she's a teenager and will, to the best of my ability, act age appropriate. All ic actions will reflect this.

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Name: Will
DW username: [personal profile] defy_gravity
IM: mythotica#0741 - discord
Plurk: mythotica

Other Characters: Newt Scamander. [personal profile] mr_englishguy
Seth Gecko. [personal profile] screwedontight

Character Name: Wendy Blerble Corduroy
Series: Gravity Falls
Timeline: 2x17 - Dipper and Mabel vs The Future - just after her talk with Mabel
Canon Resource Link:
Gravity Falls wiki
Gravity Falls wikia
Wendy’s wikia

Character History:
Raised in Gravity Falls with a family of men, Wendy has spent much of her life enjoying the delights of the small town and woods in which she lives. Before the summer when the Pines twins come to town, she spent much of her life camping, hanging out with her friends, making origami with axes, and doing her best to maintain her chill exterior despite being a stressed all the time on the inside.

The summer the Pines Twins arrive, things definitely change for Wendy. While Gravity Falls has not been without adventure, most of the town ignored all of the goings on. Even working for Stanley at the Mystery Shack, it’s easy to look at the world through the fake and false. Working where Dipper and Mabel live, Wendy doesn’t have that option after all that becomes real.

Yet for much of the summer where we see Wendy, her life is about doing the things she enjoys. While she has worked quite a bit for a fifteen year old, both as a lifeguard for free snacks, as well as part-time at the Mystery Shack and helping Stan with his campaign for mayor, Wendy’s life truly consists of avoiding working during her summer hours as much as she seems to be around work a lot.

She took time to create a hidden space for her on the roof of the Shack where she can hide out and enjoy the sun, as well disappearing with her friends to play pranks and hang out after getting Dipper to do her job for her. Giving a lot of her time to her friends, she enjoys musical festivals, breaking into old, and in the end haunted, convenience stores, and going on quests for unicorns - as well as beating the shit out of said unicorns for being dicks. Also much of her summer is spent working out her relationship issues, both with her boyfriend/not a boyfriend Robbie, as well as Dipper’s crush on her.

The age of Dipper and Mable doesn’t stop Wendy from often including the twins on the activities her friends and she participate in, such as the haunted convenience store and several teen parties. She also jumps into many of their adventures, acting as a voice of reason and sometimes “muscle” when the twins venture into caverns searching for the author of Dipper’s book, or have to deal with lying, cheating, jerk-y unicorns, as well as learning the secrets of the old man in town. Rarely does Wendy hesitate in rushing into an adventure with her friends, armed sometimes and ready for whatever Gravity Falls might bring them… even if that is part of the stress she is constantly struggling with.

Abilities/Special Powers:
Weapons: Skilled with a crossbow. Good aim. Skilled with axes.
Chill: Despite coping with family and Gravity Falls stress, Wendy is skilled at staying relaxed and calm in the face of, well, pretty much anything.
Arts and Crafts: Making origami with axes (novel canon)
CPR: Worked as a lifeguard. Possibly has these skills, probably didn’t pay attention to training though.
Athleticism: Shown to be fairly athletic, including swimming, camping, climbing trees, managing rooftops, and having pretty good fighting skills against opponents armed with rave lighted horns.

Third-Person Sample:

Being open with Mabel was a priority for Wendy. Well, being open with nearly anyone, but why wouldn’t she be honest with Mabel. Especially when she was about to face all of the worst that high school and being a teenager had to offer. Wendy loved how Mabel looked at the world, that she was bright and happy and, no matter what that jerk unicorn had said, she was pure of heart.

High school was going to ruin that.

It was that thought that struck Wendy after Mabel had left, thinking about what she was telling Mabel and how excited the girl had been. She tried to remember if she had been that excited for school before her first day. Not that she could remember though. She hasn’t been like Mabel. Ever. She had worried about new people and making friends and a lot of things that hadn’t been a problem.

Except there had been a lot of things that had been a problem. Mabel had to be ready. But there was no being ready for it. Boyfriends came and went. So did zits. Even without the “excitement” of Gravity Falls, high school was it’s own messed up, terror inducing, friend making, freaky, funny, scary … Mystery Shack of its own. Without a Stan to run it, and with more frightening masks.

Wendy was handling it through. With every class, every boyfriend, every fight with her friends, she was handling it. She couldn’t imagine anything else. Nor could she imagine Mabel doing anything else. Mabel or Dipper. They were strong kids. They were smart, and funny, and cool enough to handle this.

She just wished they were handling it in Gravity Falls with her and the others.

First-Person Sample:

[The video starts with a view of the lake, newer than most of Wonderland, not that the person in the video knows that, as she lounges on the boat dock.]

So like, I was thinking. What this place needs is more activities. Why not enjoy summer even if we don’t have school to deal with?

Like we have this totally great lake, right? Right not closet up an inflatable screen and some inner tubes and watch movies while floating out here. We so have to do shark movies, and monsters below, right? [Because it’s not like that can be a reality, can it?]

What about canoe races? Or figure out a way to string up a rope to jump out into the lake. Come on, guys. We’re stuck here anyway, right? So why not enjoy it?


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